About Pipetrak IT

Pipetrak IT suite is a Pipeline Data Management System that allows owners, operators and engineering firms to track, manage and report real time data through the entire process of pipeline construction projects. The software allows managing the below three phases:

The Supply Chain
Materials Tracking from Manufacturing to the Yard
Construction & Installation Activity & Quality
Completions & Handover

Pipetrak IT is deployed at the inception of a pipeline project, and aids in dealing with the challenge of completing complex projects on time in adherence to world-class standards of quality, safety, environmental protection, project control and documentation in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner.

Why use Pipetrak IT?

Material and Installation traceability in real time and based on the pipeline design. This leads to ROI on time and high quality delivery of projects and project data.
Through transparent and enhanced tracking and visibility of data points, It meets the requirements “Traceable, Verifiable and Complete” asset data at the onset of operations.


Module Description

RoW Management

A web-based GIS-enabled Right of Way management system. It enables pipeline owners to maintain and update Cadastral Information, Mutation Details, Compensation Details, and Permissions Status for Right of Use and more.

Construction Monitoring

CMS captures and centralizes data intelligent from a wide-variety of sources starting from engineering & design phase to vendor and manufacturing related data and field construction data.

Material Tracking

The Material Tracking System with the Pipetrak IT suite, is capable of monitoring and tracking the manufacturing and logistics of materials across production facilities, storage yards and sites.

Alignment Sheet Generator

The Pipetrak IT suite integrates with Alignment Sheet Generator (ASG) tool of BSD Consulting. The ASG has been designed to provide the data management tools to create an effective foundation to quickly generate alignment sheets using the industry standard CAD/GIS platforms while creating an external GIS database.

The BSD products that Pipetrak IT works with is Skyline for the CAD platform and Lightning for the Arc platform.

Streamline - PCMS

Pipetrak IT’s Pre-Commissioning & Commissioning application, Streamline, brings engineering data and documentation, generated during the design phase of the project, into a centralized database, which can then be accessed for smooth project completion and commissioning.

The Streamline helps to establish an auditable trail from construction to commissioning of a project.


The Pipetrak IT GIS application enables projects’ progress to be depicted spatially allowing the user to monitor details through linkages into in-depth construction or relevant inspection data from a geographical view point.



Quality Control

Enables a high level of quality control through the course of the project with quality issues getting nipped in the bud, before hitting repair or re-work, saving money.


Enables complete transparency and visibility of schedules, helping keep track of the progress, deliverables and deadlines.


Material traceability and reconciliation leading directly to savings by tracking closely the highest “cost component” of a project.

Easy Handover

Once project is completed, it provides an easy and methodical way to hand-over to operations.

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