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July 25, 2017
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February 26, 2018

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Data makes the world a safer place

Since the automation of the manual processes of collecting supply chain and inspection data, Greenfield asset construction projects have begun to witness a transformation in efficiencies. It has made possible a host of tracking and monitoring capabilities ranging from construction quality to schedule compliance.

With miles of pipelines being built each year that traverse through a wide-ranging variety of terrain and geographies – ranging from the remote to the heavily populated, never has it been more crucial to ensure the safe and uneventful flow of product through these transportation networks as it is today. In the confines of the high-probability, high-impact environments and operations within which assets are built and operated, the need to minimize and in fact, eliminate errors and faults is paramount.

This is one of the crucial issues that Petro IT’s Pipetrak IT data management solution for pipeline construction caters to. A big bane of the Pipeline construction industry lies in managing accurately the supply chain data and hordes of documentation that is ubiquitous at every stage. Human error in such environments is unavoidable if the process is purely manual. Unfortunately, such small errors in the pipeline construction and material data can lead to monumental safety hazards and often-irreparable structural faults.

The most spoken about pipeline incident – Natural Gas line explosion in San Bruno, California in 2010 occurred just because of an error in the data. Scores of other incidents over the years have been a result of the same common factor – making operational decisions on faulty base data.

Pipetrak IT’s web-based system allows for the seamless capture of information from the design phase to the commissioning phase (and everything in between). Using the power of the latest technologies in mobility and big data management, Pipetrak IT is able to automate and thus ensure the traceability, verifiability and accuracy of component level asset data.

It’s making data work to create a safer world.

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