About Glide The Glide Solution is an inventory management system that enables material management and construction activities of piping and structural systems with a focus on planning, procurement, allocation, inspection and consumption of multi-discipline items. All progress and activity reports can be generated from the software including tracking of isometric material quantities, weld and pipe spool fabricated material, barcoded spool status reviews, material requisition and validations, consumption and status reports for Quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC).

Why Glide?

Tracks progress for all disciplines, covering the complete lifecycle of the project for construction of an asset
Configures an infinite number of QA/QC activities like ITPs (Inspection Test Plan)
Enables a common platform for all stakeholders


Plant Construction Management System

Glide – Plant Construction Management System



Reports in Real Time

Web based reports provide real time information on the supply chain (material receipt to consumption) and installation, with linked quality documentation. Multiple dashboards can be set up to depict progress on different disciplines.


Material Traceability and installation is available at a click, along with quality documentation to make it verifiable and complete.

Seamless and Collaborative

Intelligent workflows bring the different stakeholders together on the same platform, making collaboration and exchange of information, efficient and error free.

Ease of configuration

Easy configurability, allows you to customize the set up to your construction project and processes. You can either choose to use the workflow and reporting templates we provide or configure them to suit your own.

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