About Quicksilver

Petro IT’s Quicksilver is an electronic document management software that provides a collaborative platform to efficiently capture, track, manage, store and archive the engineering workflows and processes for large scale infrastructure projects.

Why use Quicksilver?

Enables an environment where stakeholders & project constituents interact on a workflow based project portal allowing collaboration in large infrastructure projects.
Important tasks that need action most often get lost in inboxes, under spam or get ignored which affects the quality of project delivery
Documents with multiple reviewers can lead to duplication of efforts. Don’t lose track of edits, and avoid rework cost with Quicksilver, enabling version control of documents as project progresses.
Relevant documents are sometimes accidentally deleted from emails which might hamper with adherence to legal and regulatory compliance


Step by step visual of how Quicksilver software can capture and store data, streamline workflows with full text search capabilities, generate reports, and easily share and collaborate without difficulty thanks to added recovery and backup solutions



High Productivity and Cost Efficiency

The collaborative features help initiate quick decision making, thereby increasing productivity and cost efficiency

Seamless Workflow Integration

Project stakeholders spend less time looking for documents due to text indexing software and the seamless workflow integration provided by the software across geographic locations, file formats and teams.

Easy Customization

The in-built integration of the engineering processes which is specifically designed for large infrastructure projects, allows users to easily customise the application based on their business needs.

Efficient Reporting

Dashboards based project and document control reports help you gain insights about progress at different stages of the construction project.

Ease of Use

It is intuitive and easy to use, allowing new users to quickly adapt to the software without much training

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