About Stack61

Stack61 is the best in class intelligent warehouse & inventory management solution for the oil and gas industry. Automate day-to-day operations by accessing material source documentation, tagging, logging, and tracking material usage, and searching for data available at your fingertips.

Log materials such as pipes, fittings, flanges and more. User can uniquely tag these materials QR codes or barcodes
Search for Materials information quickly by heat numbers, material type. Data and Documents are linked for Search Results.
Track manufacturer to usage history for all materials. Track Supply and Specific Material Locations throughout Storage Yard.

Why use Stack61?

Whether you track materials for upstream, midstream or downstream usage, Stack61 is your go-to unique inventory management system for everyday operations. Stack61 is a paperless, cloud-based inventory management solution, built to empower employees and increase customer satisfaction.
Stack61 links manufacturing specifications and associates documents to your inventory. All of the data is uploaded from the manufacturer themselves, providing accuracy and data accessibility on all of your materials and assets. Easily search for material information. Inventory management becomes transparent and user-friendly with Stack61.

How it Works

Receive Shipment of Materials

Before shipments are received, documents are pre-populated by the manufacturer or supplier and are easily accessible within the organization. Once shipment is received, the material logging process can start. Pre-populated documents create a better customer experience, by quickly providing valued customers with the data they need.

Enter Item Data Easily and Quickly

Once item data is entered via dropdown, materials are logged with unique QR code or barcode tagging. The inventory software allows materials to get scanned and logged by inventory personnel with a mobile, handheld device. Once logged, you can easily and quickly pull up data and attributes  associated with your materials.

Inventory Visibility

Check stock levels and move materials around the yard and warehouse without losing track of them. Inventory visibility keeps you aware of what materials require inspection, completed documentation, or additional data.

Manage Materials

Materials are managed in a more modern way to increase stock and inventory control and keep better track of transactional history. View material status reports on either mobile or desktop.


Log Materials

  • Log materials with unique QR code or barcode tagging.
  • On the fly validations.
  • Log materials alongside an inspection checklist.


  • Accessible data & documentation.
  • MTRs and material specs received from the manufacturer.
  • Online, paperless format.

Inventory Visibility

  • Real-time mobile and web apps.
  • Increased inventory visibility.
  • Know what you have in stock without physically going into the warehouse or stockyard.

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Streamlined Processes

  • Create packing lists.
  • Create and track purchase orders, dispatch tickets, and receipts.
  • Auto reconcile dispatch and receipt.

Ease of Use

  • Mobile capability.
  • Work from anywhere.
  • Check your inventory at anytime.
  • Smooth integration with SAP.


  • Configure with company standards.
  • Customizable to company needs.
  • Create a more efficient process.


Quality Control

Enables a high level of quality control upon receipt of pipe and other materials. Quality control is in place during inspection. Quality is essential in materials that will be used in major construction projects. 


Enables complete transparency and inventory visibility. Keep track of materials, where they are coming from, and know what is in stock without physically going into the warehouse or pipe yard.

Offline Capabilities

Offline mode is available for inventory operations in remote areas with limited internet connectivity, allowing you to work anywhere and anytime.

Capability to Configure

Configuration leverages company standards and codes for alignment with company database standard. Stack61 seamlessly integrates with external SAP or ERP systems.

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